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Support EPON/GPON mode and switch mode automatically Support Route mode for PPPoE/IPoE/Static IP and Bridge mode Support IPv4 and IPv6 Dual mode Support 2.4G WIFI 802.11 b/g/n and 2*2 MIMO

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Discover the power-packed ABC Xpon ONU Router, seamlessly blending ONU and router functionalities for superior connectivity. Unlocking a world of possibilities, this device boasts an optical power input of -8 to -27dBm and an impressive 20KM transmission range. With IEEE802.11b/g/n compliance, it supports MIMO technology with a blazing 300Mbps rate, ensuring robust wireless performance.

Equipped with 2T2R and two external 5dBi antennas, the ABC Xpon ONU Router is a wireless marvel, supporting multiple SSIDs and automatic channel selection. The RTL9603C chip, DDR2 128MB, and 1Gbit SPI Nand flash enhance its processing prowess. The optical interface operates at 1310nm for transmission and 1490nm for reception, utilizing SC/UPC connectors for optimal signal transfer.

Compact yet powerful, this router features a sleek design with dimensions of 120mm×87mm×32mm and a weight of 0.2kg±0.05kg. Its LED indicators provide real-time status updates for WIFI, PWR, LOS, PON, and LAN, ensuring a user-friendly experience. The push-button functionality facilitates easy factory resets and LED control.

With a LAN interface of 1 x 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet, full/half duplex, and RJ45 connector, this device ensures seamless wired connectivity. Operating in a temperature range of 0℃~+50℃ and humidity of 10%~90%, it adapts effortlessly to various environments.

Experience cutting-edge technology with the ABC Xpon ONU Router — your gateway to unparalleled connectivity. Explore competitive prices in Bangladesh, making it the go-to choice for those seeking top-tier ONU and router capabilities. Elevate your networking experience with ABC — where innovation meets affordability.

Elevate your connectivity with TSP | Total Solution Plus, the authorized dealer of the groundbreaking ABC Xpon ONU Router. As a trusted partner, TSP brings you a seamless fusion of ONU and router functionalities, providing unparalleled networking solutions. Explore cutting-edge technology curated by experts, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

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Unlock a world of possibilities with TSP | Total Solution Plus — your gateway to superior networking solutions. Trust us to provide not just products, but a total solution for your connectivity needs. Explore the best-in-class ABC Xpon ONU Routers through TSP, where innovation meets reliability.TP-Link Archer C6 price in BDA4TECH OP-730D price in bdcore i3Asus RT-AX1800HPCudy M1800 AX1800

*Q: What is the ABC  ONU Router?*

A: The ABC  ONU Router is a versatile device integrating ONU (Optical Network Unit) and router functionalities for advanced connectivity solutions.

*Q: What is the transmission range of the ABC  ONU Router?*

A: The router boasts an impressive 20KM transmission range, providing extensive coverage for a variety of networking needs.

*Q: Does it support wireless connectivity?*

A: Yes, it supports IEEE802.11b/g/n standards with MIMO technology, offering a wireless rate of up to 300Mbps, ensuring robust and high-speed wireless connections.

*Q: What are the key specifications of the ABC  ONU Router?*

A: Specifications include optical power input of -8 to -27dBm, 2T2R wireless configuration, 1310nm TX and 1490nm RX wavelengths, RTL9603C chip, DDR2 128MB, and 1Gbit SPI Nand flash.

*Q: Can I control LED indicators on the router?*

A: Yes, the router features LED indicators for WIFI, PWR, LOS, PON, and LAN, with a push-button functionality allowing control of LED status.

*Q: What is TSP | Total Solution Plus’s role as an authorized dealer?*

A: TSP is the authorized dealer offering the ABC  ONU Router, providing competitive prices, expert guidance, and ensuring genuine products with warranty support.

*Q: Is TSP committed to customer satisfaction?*

A: Absolutely, TSP is dedicated to customer satisfaction, offering a total solution for networking needs, including reliable products, competitive pricing, and expert guidance.

*Q: How can I purchase the ABC ONU Router from TSP?*

A: You can explore and purchase the ABC ONU Router through TSP’s official channels, ensuring a secure and reliable transaction.

Item PON Interface 1 GPON BOB (Bosa on Board) Input optical power:-8 to -27dbm Output optical power:0~+5dBm Transmission distance: 20KM Compliant with IEEE802.11b/g/n, Operating frequency: 2.400-2.4835GHz support MIMO, rate up to 300Mbps, 2T2R,2 external antenna 5dBi, Support: Multiple SSID Channel: Auto Modulation type: DSSS, CCK and OFDM Encoding scheme: BPSK, QPSK, 16QAM and 64QAM TX: 1310nm, RX: 1490nm SC/UPC Connector RTL9603C,DDR2 128MB SPI Nand flash 1Gbit Wavelength Optical Interface Chip Spec Flash DC 12V/1A ≤6W 120mm×87mm×32mm(L×W×H) 0.2Kg±0.05Kg Power Supply Power Consumption Dimension Net Weight 5 LED, For Status of WIFI、PWR、LOS、PON、LAN 1,For Function of Factory Reset, WPS,LED ON/OFF LED Push-Button Parameter LAN Interface 1 x 10/100/1000Mbps(GE) Ethernet interfaces. Full/Half, RJ45 connector Wireless Temperature: 0℃~+50℃ Humidity: 10%~90%(non-condensing) Operating Condition Temperature: -30℃~+60℃ Humidity: 10%~90%(non-condensing)


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